Spritnite (法器 Hōki) is magical energy. It comes in the shape of spritnite stones (法石 Hōshiki), magical items which—once equipped—allow the player to use Tech. In order to equip a spritnite stone, a talisman is required. Spritnite can often be acquired from the Magic Consortium.

There are two categories of Spritnite: Command Spritnite and Support Spritnite. Within these, there are many types of Spritnite, some of which can be equipped by any character, but others which only a certain character or number of characters.

List of Spritnite Edit

Command Spritnites
Name MP Char Type Materials Combo Momentum


10 Endir Null Majestic Crest x2 X-Strike

Grand Cross

Additional physical damage

Effect: Enables use of cyclone. Offers a wide attack range, and can also knock back enemies.
Aura 10 Endir Heal Sleek barbel x1

Heal Evanescence Flash Ephemeral Parade

Heal status ailments
Effect: Healing energy recovers the HP of all allies near the target
Wall 22 Endir Larger Leaf x1

Unknown Bone x1

Frost Wall Peerless Power Almighty Aura

Applied to all allies
Effect: Deploys a wall of magical energy around a single target that defends against both physical and magical attacks
Shock 14 Endir Null Sturdy Sheet Metal x2


Stardust Fall

Additional magical damage
Blade Wave 16 Endir Null

Slicing Wing Feather x2

Larger Pincer x1

Backslash 20 Endir Null

Sturdy Sheet Metal x2

Round Stone x1

Radiance 28 Endir Null 4hits

Jagged Right Tail x2

Patterned Stone x1

Magen 24 Endir

Round Stone x2

Large Leaf x1

Deus Ex Machina

Ultra Release

Energy Burst

Duration increased
Life 22 Endir Heal
Cleave 30 Endir Null
Realization 18 Endir
Spark 42 Endir Null
Cure 10 Setsuna Heal Slippery Hide x1

Galactic Force

Universal Force


ATB gauge partially full
Lightning 12 Setsuna Light Sharp Talon x1

Lightning Rod


Additional damage, foe's light-elemental resistance down
Incite 8 Setsuna

Sturdy Sheet Metal x1

White Snow Lilly Flower x1

Enthunder 12 Setsuna Sleek Barbel x1