Round-Faced Man (丸顔の男 Marugao no Otoko) is a male who lives in a house in the northeast part of Nive Village. He is worried about the monsters becoming more ferocious lately, because even traveling through the Dazzshire Woods has become quite dangerous.

Personality Edit

The round-faced man is a minor character and therefore does not have a very indepth personality. However, he seems rather forgetful; when Aeterna entered his house, he did not remember her name.

Story Edit

The round-faced man lives in a house in the northeast part of Nive Village. Endir can enter his house when exploring Nive Village before he sets off to the Falling Snow Monument to look for Setsuna. When he does that, the man tells him that even though the ten years have not passed since the last sacrifice, the monsters are already becoming more ferocious. Due to that, traveling through Dazzshire Woods has become more unsafe.

Endir encounters the round-faced man again after he wakes up from the magic of Aeterna and Raishin, which had knocked him out. He says that their magic should keep Endir down, and is surprised when the mercenary manages to stand up anyway. When Aeterna entered, he points this out to her too and she casts another restraining spell on Endir.

When he and Endir are alone in the house again, the monsters attack Nive Village, and the round-faced man leaves Endir alone to get all villagers to safety.