Nive Village (はじまりの村 モル Hajimari no Mura: Moru), also known as the village of sacrifice (いけにえの村 ikenie no mura) is a town on Nive Island and Setsuna's hometown. Nive Harbor is right next to the village.

Characters Edit

Story Edit

Nive Village first appears in the story as Endir travels there from Nive Harbor. He meets inhabitants such as Raishin, before leaving to the Dazzshire Woods to go to Falling Snow Monument in the north. After being taken down by Raishin and Aeterna, Endir wakes up in the house of Round-Faced Man, tied down with magic. When Nive Village is attacked by monsters, Setsuna comes to rescue Endir, and he and Aeterna clear the town.

Drops Edit

  • Wheel Mushroom: upper right part of town, on the right of a fence
  • Starberry: lower right part of town near a cart

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