A Kill happens when a character beats a monster in I Am Setsuna. There are many different types of kills, which depend on the attack and timing. Depending on the type of kill, monsters may drop different items.

List Edit

  • Normal Kill (ノーマルキル)
  • Rare Kill (レアキル)
  • Over Kill (オーバーキル)
  • Exact Kill (ジャストキル)
  • Fire Kill (ファイアキル)
  • Water Kill (ウォーターキル)
  • Light Kill (シャインキル)
  • Shadow Kill (ダークキル)
  • Time Kill (クロックキル)
  • Momentum Kill (セツナキル)
  • Debuff Kill (デバフキル)
  • Link Kill (リンクキル)

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